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Tug-O-War Football

Tug-O-War Football

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Recommended dog size: S, M, L, XL

Toy features: Chew Toy, Fetch Toy, Tug-O-War

Product description: Introducing the Tug-O-War Football, a dynamic combination of a vibrant pink football and resilient purple rope. This versatile toy effortlessly transforms playtime into an engaging experience, becoming the centerpiece for amazing games of tug-o-war. Picture the joy as your pup confidently grabs hold of the purple rope, engaging in friendly tugs and strategic maneuvers. The excitement continues with games of fetch, as the Tug-O-War Football takes center stage, inviting boundless fun. Elevate your dog's playtime, bring home the Tug-O-War Football, where the joy of tugging meets the thrill of fetch, creating a world of tail-wagging happiness!

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