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Shelby the Shark

Shelby the Shark

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Recommended dog size: M, L, XL

Toy features: Plush, Squeaky

Product description: Introducing the Shelby the Shark, a charming blend of grey and teal plush perfection that's set to become your pup's favorite companion. This delightful toy is not just a squeaky wonder; it's an invitation to a symphony of joy with four lively squeakers nestled in its tail. Imagine the spirited games of fetch, where Shelby's plush charm adds an extra layer of excitement to each toss. Later, watch as your furry friend cozies up to Shelby, enjoying the soft plush during serene moments of pup relaxation. Elevate your dog's playtime, welcome home Shelby the Shark, where the thrill of squeaky fun meets the comfort of a plush friend, creating a haven of tail-wagging happiness!

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