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Sally the Stingray

Sally the Stingray

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Recommended dog size: M, L, XL

Toy features: Squeaky

Product description: Introducing Sally The Stingray, the enchanting plush squeaky dog toy that will take playtime to a whole new level of excitement! With her captivating blue and grey colors, Sally is ready to join your furry friend on countless indoor and outdoor adventures. Picture your pup gleefully tossing Sally in the air, her tail wagging with pure delight as she squeaks in joy. Whether it's a playful romp around the living room or a spirited game of fetch at the park, Sally's charm and squeaky surprises will keep your dog engaged and entertained for hours. Once your dog experiences the sheer joy and fun that Sally The Stingray brings, no other toy will compare. Embrace the magic of Sally and witness the unbreakable bond she forms with your canine companion, creating treasured moments of play and happiness you won't want to miss!

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