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Prickly Bone

Prickly Bone

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Recommended dog size: M, L, XL

Toy features: Chew Toy

Product description: Introducing the Prickly Bone, the ultimate rubber dog chew toy that will keep your furry companion engaged and entertained both indoors and outdoors. Picture your energetic dog eagerly grabbing the Prickly Bone with excitement, as its vibrant green color sparks their playful spirit. Whether they're joyfully gnawing on it during a chew session or gleefully racing to retrieve it during fetch games, this versatile toy is bound to be your pup's favorite. With its unique texture and design, your dog will find endless amusement and satisfaction in every playtime session. Once you witness the sheer joy and enthusiasm your dog exudes with the Prickly Bone in their paws, no other toy will compare. Embrace the joy of seeing your beloved pet so happy and content with their new favorite companion, the Prickly Bone!

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