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Dura-Tuff Wishbone

Dura-Tuff Wishbone

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Recommended dog size: M, L, XL

Toy features: Chew Toy, Fetch Toy

Product description: Introducing the Dura-Tuff Wishbone, an enchanting blend of pet-safe hard nylon with blue rubber inserts, crafted in a classic wishbone shape. As your pup sinks their teeth into the satisfying chew, the Dura-Tuff Wishbone becomes an oasis of dental delight. But the adventure doesn't end there! Elevate playtime with spirited games of fetch, where the wishbone shape adds an element of unpredictability, sparking joy with each toss. Bring home the Dura-Tuff Wishbone, where durability meets wishful play, and every interaction becomes a story of playtime happiness!

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