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Dura-Tuff Mango Ring

Dura-Tuff Mango Ring

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Recommended dog size: M, L, XL

Toy features: Chew Toy, Fetch Toy, Tug-O-War

Product description: Introducing the Dura-Tuff Mango Ring, a tropical mango delight with a vivid orange color, crafted from pet-safe EVA foam. Shaped like a ring, this versatile toy transforms playtime into a dynamic experience. Watch as your pup engages in satisfying solo chews, finding comfort in the Mango Ring's resilient texture. Elevate the fun with spirited games of fetch, where the Mango Ring bounces into action, or indulge in a friendly game of tug-o-war, turning ordinary moments into shared adventures. Bring home the Dura-Tuff Mango Ring, where the zest of play meets the joy of bonding, creating a haven for endless tail-wagging happiness!

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