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Chewy Tire

Chewy Tire

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Recommended dog size: M, L, XL

Toy features: Chew Toy

Product description: Introducing the Chewy Tire, the ultimate rubber chew dog toy that will rev up your pup's playtime with irresistible excitement! With its sleek black color, the Chewy Tire resembles an actual tire, capturing your dog's attention both indoors and in the great outdoors. As a pet parent, you have the option to add a tasty surprise like peanut butter to the hollow part of the tire, making playtime even more captivating. Picture your furry friend eagerly chomping and licking towards the hollow center of the tire, their tail wagging with pure delight. The Chewy Tire's unique design and the possibility of adding deliciousness like peanut butter to the center of the tire make it an engaging playtime experience. Once your dog experiences the pure bliss and unbeatable thrill of playing with the Chewy Tire, they won't want to settle for any other toy. Embrace the irresistible allure of the Chewy Tire, the ultimate playmate that keeps tails wagging and makes every moment an exciting adventure!

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