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Bamboo Tree Bone

Bamboo Tree Bone

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Recommended dog size: M, L, XL

Toy features: Chew Toy, Fetch Toy

Product description: Introducing the Bamboo Tree Bone, a brown-hued delight shaped like a rigid tree branch, intricately crafted from natural bamboo tree fibers. As your canine companion discovers this enchanting toy, their excitement is palpable. The Bamboo Tree Bone becomes more than just a chew toy; it transforms into a companion for spirited games of fetch, soaring through the air with grace. This super-durable creation, designed for endless play, stands resilient against vigorous chewing sessions, offering a harmonious blend of eco-friendly charm and canine delight. Elevate your dog's playtime—bring home the Bamboo Tree Bone, where the allure of nature meets the thrill of play, making each interaction a symphony of tail-wagging joy!

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