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Axel the Alligator

Axel the Alligator

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Recommended dog size: M, L, XL

Toy features: Squeaky, Crinkles

Product description: Introducing Axel The Alligator, the ultimate plush squeaky dog toy that takes playtime to a whole new level. With Axel, your furry friend will be captivated by the combination of squeaky fun and intriguing crinkle sounds. This dynamic duo of sounds brings an unmatched level of excitement and engagement to your dog's play sessions. Axel's vibrant green color and playful alligator design will charm your dog from the very first encounter. Once they experience the irresistible combination of squeaks and crinkles, your dog won't settle for any other toy. Axel's unique features make it the go-to choice for endless entertainment, ensuring that your dog's playtime is filled with joy, curiosity, and a bond that can only be forged with Axel The Alligator.

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