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Adjustable Pitch Advanced Training Whistle

Adjustable Pitch Advanced Training Whistle

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Recommended dog size: all sizes

Whistle features: adjustable tones

Product description: Introducing the Adjustable Pitch Advanced Training Whistle, the essential tool for effective dog training that will have your furry companion responding to commands with unparalleled precision! This stainless steel whistle, gleaming in shiny silver, holds the key to a harmonious training experience both indoors and outdoors, whether in the cozy confines of home or the open expanse of the park or backyard. You can twist the tip of the whistle to change the whistles tone to train certain tones to particular commands. Picture your loyal canine companion, eager and alert, as they swiftly learn to associate specific whistle tones with various commands, effortlessly following your cues. With the Adjustable Pitch Advanced Training Whistle, your dog's training journey becomes a breeze, fostering a deep bond between you and your furry friend through clear communication and prompt responses. Once you witness the remarkable responsiveness and obedience your dog demonstrates with this whistle, you won't want to rely on any other training tool. Embrace the power of the Long Stem Training Whistle and unlock the full potential of your dog's training journey!

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