Why Dog People Seem To Love The Unlimited Toy Club

My 2-year old pup Ollie, absolutely loves to destroy every single toy I bring him. Whenever I get home, I throw him a new toy, he gets all excited, and within just a couple of hours… The toy is ripped to shreds and he’s chewing on the small pieces. And while I’m cleaning up, he lays on the couch happily sniffing and biting the pieces that are left.

When I talked to my friend who is another pup parent, I asked her what she does to keep up with her dogs’ toy demands. She said that she is a member of Unlimited Toy Club and it has been a lifesaver for her. Her dogs membership is only $29.95/month! Unlimited Toy Club sends you completely awesome toys that are all backed by an Unlimited Toy Guarantee!

What’s that? Unlimited Toy Club offers a guarantee on all the toys they send for Ollie. If he destroys his toy, all I do is contact their support team and they ship me a new free toy that same day! Best of all, I never have to ship back any destroyed toys.

For just $29.95, and with a risk-free guarantee, I knew it would be a real-steal if it could keep Ollie occupied for more than a few days. I joined the club and waited for Ollie’s new toys to see for myself (and for Ollie!) just how fun these toys were.

Then, just a couple of days later, brand new plush squeaky toys arrived. Once Ollie sniffed them, he immediately knew they where for him and happily started chewing on it. He even did his signature move and played with it upside down (I still don’t know why he does this haha)! After seeing how adorable the toys were, I decided to up my subscription to the annual option so Ollie always has something new to play with and I save $5/mo all year long.

If you can get in the club during open enrollment, you will instantly get access to endless fun! No more giving away your hard-earned cash to the overpriced pet stores – you get a lot more savings and satisfaction for way less with Unlimited Toy Club!

Ollie loves all the toys he’s gotten so far. Every month when we receive our new package, he is right there sniffing and wondering what his next toys are going to be. Given the fact of how great the toys are and their Unlimited Toy Guarantee, we rate Unlimited Toy Club a total winner with 5 out of 5 stars. You can check out their site for more details.

UPDATE! The friendly dog lovers at Unlimited Toy Club just gave an exclusive offer for our next 100 readers who join the club today to receive 1 bonus toy completely free (first come first serve with promo code TOY). Click this link to join Unlimited Toy Club and get a free bonus toy today!