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Pup Dice - Large

Pup Dice - Large

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Recommended dog size: Small size: S, M, L - Large size: L, XL

Toy features: Squeaky

Product description: Introducing Pup Dice, the adorable plush squeaky dog toy that brings interactive playtime to a whole new level! This green-colored (large size) or pink-colored (small-sized) dice is not your ordinary toy, as each side features different doggy commands, adding an element of surprise and fun to every game. Imagine your furry companion gleefully pawing and rolling the dice, eager to see which command comes up next. Whether it's "sit," "fetch," or "roll over," your dog will be enchanted by the engaging play and challenges presented by Pup Dice. The sheer excitement and enthusiasm your dog displays while playing with this toy will make it clear that no other toy can match the joy and entertainment it provides. Embrace the joyous experience of Pup Dice, and watch your dog have the time of their life, both indoors and outdoors!

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